A new four-part seminar series introduces the basics of good concrete practices to individuals new to the concrete industry.

Concrete Basics Part I: Concrete Mixtures, Materials & Fresh Properties is the first seminar in the series. This seminar concentrates on concrete mixture proportions, the materials used in concrete, and the properties of fresh concrete. Problems that can develop with fresh concrete and common corrections also will be discussed.

Concrete Basics Part II: Ordering, Making, Placing, & Finishing covers what information is needed to order concrete and how concrete is manufactured. The available techniques and equipment for placing and finishing concrete will be covered in depth.

Concrete Basics Part III: Curing, Effects of Weather & Sustainability focuses on the importance and methods for curing concrete, the effects of hot and cold weather on concrete operations and properties, and the sustainability of concrete.

Concrete Basics Part IV: Hardened Properties and Durability explores hardened properties of concrete, such as strength and volume, as well as common problems in these areas.

If you are new to the concrete industry, you will benefit from attending this informative four-part series. View more information about the 2012 Education Program.