Hanley Wood honored the best in our industry on Tuesday, from people to projects at the first Awards Event in Concrete Construction’s How-To Zone.

Bill Palmer, editorial director of Hanley Wood’s Commercial Construction Group and CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION editor in chief, started by introducing CC’s choices for the five Most Influential People in the concrete industry in 2011:

  • Tom Adams: executive director of the American Coal Ash Association
  • Casimir Bognacki: chief of materials engineering at the Port Authority of NY & NJ
  • Peter Craig: owner of Concrete Constructives
  • John Kevern: professor at the University of Missouri—Kansas City
  • Steve Morrical: technical services manager for Holcim

These five have led the industry forward to keep coal ash in concrete, redefine concrete acceptance standards, intelligently test for moisture, improve pervious specifications, and develop guidelines for cold weather concreting.

With this being the 10th anniversary of the Artistry in Decorative Concrete demonstrations, CC senior editor Joe Nasvik, who has led this program from the start, introduced and honored those who have participated over the years. From the tireless volunteers who placed the concrete to the many artists who produced ground-breaking displays. Many of the techniques originally seen at the Artistry demonstrations have become industry standard techniques today. Artistry and Concrete Construction helped to push the envelope on what is possible in decorative concrete.

Nasvik then presented CC’s Decorative Concrete Project of the Year awards. From fanciful concrete flowers to hard working but beautiful hotel floors, these projects show what is possible in today’s world of decorative concrete.

Sustainability has become an important part of today’s construction scene, and it’s not going away anytime soon. The Concrete Producer and Concrete Construction have responded to that with the GreenSite Project of the Year Awards—recognizing the most sustainable projects that use concrete in a way that increases the project’s green approach. Winners included everything from ski resorts to wastewater projects.

Tom Bagsarin, editor of Concrete Surfaces magazine finished off the event by presenting the winners of the Polished Concrete Projects of the Year. These awards were presented last fall at the International Concrete Polishing and Staining Conference and serve as a great supplement to Concrete Polishing Live! and to the Concrete Polishing Luncheon.