FHWA, Central Federal Lands Highway Division

No one interested in concrete should miss a visit to the iconic and impressive Hoover Dam, now 75 years old, and the spectacular concrete arch bridge that hovers 900 feet above the Colorado River, newly opened a quarter-mile downstream. The 1060-foot bridge is supported by North America’s longest twin-rib concrete arch, a structural design chosen to meet the demands of wind, earthquakes, and construction logistics. Building the arches required a new approach to mix design, thermal control, concrete delivery and placement, consolidation, and quality control.

A look at some of the concrete quantities will give you an idea of the project’s scale:

  • 8199 cubic yards of 10,000-psi concrete in the arches
  • 8364 cubic yards of 6000-psi concrete in the pier columns and caps
  • 5484 cubic yards of 4500-psi concrete in the bridge deck
  • 6679 cubic yards of 4000-psi concrete in the footings and abutments
  • 2060 cubic yards of 3000-psi for the column infill

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