The ICF Summit at World of Concrete 2016.
The ICF Summit at World of Concrete 2016.

The human body has 160,000 “thermal sensors,” tiny receptors in the skin that tell the brain how hot or cold we feel. Unfortunately, only half of owners are satisfied with their home’s ability to make them comfortable.

Win them over with a construction alternative that’s twice as energy-efficient as wood-frame structures and increases the home’s value 15% with little to no increase in upfront costs. Mold won’t form to irritate allergies and noisy neighbors are silenced.

That’s the message four builders who specialize in insulating concrete forms (ICF) shared at World of Concrete’s inaugural ICF Summit on Tuesday, Feb. 2.

ICFs are interlocking, stackable forms made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation. They produce extremely strong, extremely air-tight walls that install much more quickly and easily than wood and resist fire, moisture, and sound. Governed by ASTM E2634 and ACI 318, ICF construction is in most building codes.

Presented by the Council of ICF Industries (CICFI) and ICF Builder Group (ICFBG), the forum explained how the products expand the concrete contractor’s customer base beyond homeowners, the largest application so far, to safe rooms, schools, hotel and restaurant chains, condominiums, and hospitals.

“The technology’s poised for rapid growth over the next five years, and that means unprecedented opportunity for installers,” said CICFI Chair Andy Lennox, vice president of Logix Insulated Concrete Forms Ltd.

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