Joe Nasvik

The Las Vegas Valley Water District’s Springs Preserve complex is located alongside Highway 95, three miles west of downtown Las Vegas. The complex includes a pump station, walking trails, botanical gardens, and the Desert Living Center. At the pump station, guests can walk along the 20-million-gallon onsite water reservoir to get a sense of the enormous water supply necessary to supply public needs. In a test lab exhibit area, children are invited to put on lab coats and perform their own tests for water purity. Among the Preserve’s varied goals is to educate the public on water conservation in landscaping. It also happens to serve as a showcase for decorative concrete, with more than 60 different decorative hardscape finishes, most of which are cast-in-place concrete.

The Desert Living Center gardens have more than 45 outdoor rooms where visitors can learn about desert plants, design and maintenance techniques, and irrigation systems that use less water. The decorative concrete finishes in these garden areas—with a wide variety of concrete colors, textures, and patterns—are meant to help visitors see how to make their own backyards more decorative and beautiful.