If you need information on producing, maintaining or repairing concrete pavements, check out the new three-part series at WOC 2012. Pavements I and II are seminars. Pavements III is an interactive workshop.

Pavements I:
Best Practices for Producing Concrete Pavements (MO138) The focus of this seminar is to provide participants with a working knowledge of the key elements in constructing cost-effective, durable and long-lasting concrete pavements. Jointed plain concrete pavements (JPCP) for both airfield and highway applications will be addressed. Discussions will include subgrade and subbase considerations, concrete materials requirements, slipform and fixed form paving operations, finishing, texturing, curing and basic troubleshooting. Quality control and quality assurance (QC/QA) requirements will also be highlighted, where appropriate.

Pavements II:
How to Manage and Maintain Concrete Pavements (TU131) Concrete pavements, if well designed and constructed, can last thirty or more years. However, network and project specific pavement management practices are required in conjunction with pavement preservation and rehabilitation techniques. This seminar focuses on managing and maintaining concrete pavements at a high level of serviceability through the timely application of partial-depth repairs, full-depth repairs, slab stabilization, load transfer restoration, diamond grinding and other techniques. Details on establishing a comprehensive, condition-based pavement management system will be discussed.

Concrete Pavement Evaluation and Repairs (TUPWK) This two-hour workshop will focus on standardized pavement evaluation techniques including "windshield" and drainage surveys in addition to manual and automated distress surveys. It will also highlight several common distress identification and rating systems. A strategy selection discussion will provide guidance on choosing the most cost effective and long-lasting repair for each distress type identified in the survey. Construction details for the most widely used concrete pavement restoration techniques will also be addressed including full-depth and partial depth repairs, load transfer restoration, slab jacking and stabilization, cross stitching and others. Case studies and demonstrations will be used to reinforce select repair/restoration techniques including partial depth repair at a joint, crack sealing, crater repair, dowel bar retrofit and full-depth repair.