Self-consolidating concrete is being increasingly specified for all types of projects and for good reasons: high quality finishes, reduced labor costs, increased worker safety. Whether you have used SCC in the past or considered using it, you’ll want to attend SCC Today on Monday afternoon (1:00 to 4:30) at the start of World of Concrete 2016. Concrete-industry legend Bill Phelan will lead the program. He just sent me a list of the speakers and the project posters that will be displayed and now I’m even more psyched about this program and it's a bargain at $100.

You can see the complete list of speakers and topics below; you'll see that it includes a report on the current state of the industry, two structural engineers from New York, several prominent contractors and ready-nix producers, and even an architect. Distributed around the room will be 12 posters with details about some of the more prominent SCC projects in North America over the past two years.

You’ll learn the advantages of using SCC for all types of concrete applications, the rapid increase of SCC use on cast-in-place concrete construction projects in the Americas, and SCC specifications for architectural concrete, heavily reinforced members, and repairs. Concrete contractors have experienced jobsite productivity and improved final wall surface appearance in addition to minimizing the risk of hand and arm damage for workers who regularly vibrate concrete during placement.

During SCC Today – A Day in the Life of an SCC Project, several recent projects will receive formal recognition. Contractors involved in the success of these featured projects will be recognized and will share how they successfully incorporated SCC. Presentations will contain technical content and focus on idea exchange providing attendees the opportunity to share concerns and opportunities related to self-consolidating concrete use in construction.

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Here’s the current lineup of speakers and topics:

SCC Today, Monday, February 1, World of Concrete 2016

  • Kamal Khayat, Vernon & Maralee Jones Professor of Civil Engineering, Director, Center for Infrastructure Engineering Studies, Missouri University of Science & Technology: SCC characteristics and tests, form pressure, spread envelope, viscosity choices
  • Borys Hayda, Managing Principal, DeSimone Consulting Engineers: SCC specifications & current projects in New York City
  • Megan Lenz, Senior Design Engineer, Leslie E. Robertson Associates: Past, present & future SCC projects
  • Steve Zimmerman, Principal, Reginald D. Hough Associates: Architectural SCC in the Americas
  • Antonio Martins, President, J&A Concrete: Use of SCC for mass concrete and reinforced formed members
  • Jay Thomas, Vice President, Structural Group: Using SCC in repair & restoration
  • Marc G. Robert, Manager of Technical Services, National Ready Mixed Concrete: Current & increasing SCC use, and its benefits
  • Raul Herrera, Quality Control Manager, Jenna Concrete Corp: Past successes and current mass concrete and NYC tower SCC mixes

List of Poster Displays during SCC Today 2016

  • Turks & Caicos House, Dominican Republic; Award Winner - Architectural Concrete (Residential)
  • 10 Hudson Yard, New York City; Award Winner - Tall Buildings
  • Silver Spring Transit Center, MD; Award Winner - Repair & Restoration
  • Central Baptist Hospital Garage, KY; Award Winner - Innovation
  • Border Highway West Extension Loop 375, El Paso, TX; Award Winner - Transportation
  • Sand Ridge Energy Campus; Award Winner - Architectural Concrete (Commercial)
  • Columbia University Medical Center - LERA
  • Eli & Edythe Broad Museum @ Michigan State University
  • Metropolis Residential Tower 3, Los Angeles
  • Tower One - World Trade Center, New York City
  • Trump Tower - Chicago, IL