Thursday, January 26, 2012, 8:00 pm—11:00 pm

Located in Concrete Construction’s How-To-Zone, Silver Lot, front of South Hall.

$125 by 12/8/11; $155 after 12/8/11 and onsite.
This session is not part of the WOC Seminar program, and therefore not approved  for continuing education hours.

Using a concrete slab specially poured for the educational event, students will witness live demonstrations of the proper procedures used to test the characteristics of concrete slabs. Students will leave with first-hand knowledge of how testing defines a concrete slab.
There will be three parts to this course. Students will first watch consultants demonstrate tests for flatness and levelness, both for random traffic floors and defined traffic (Fmin) floors and a discussion of joint curling and stability. Equipment used for these procedures include the Dipstick, the F-Meter, the Floor Pro, and a profileograph. This session will be followed by testing for moisture and pH using a surface applied calcium chloride kit to determine moisture vapor emission rate (MVER), pH paper, a pH meter, and internal relative humidity with two types of RH testing devices. The final hour will include testing for concrete strength and internal condition with various nondestructive testing devices including radar, infrared, and ultrasonics, plus properly drilling a concrete core for strength testing.
Instructors include David Fudala of AllFlat Consulting, Bill Palmer, editor of Concrete Construction magazine, and Mike Schuller of Atkinson-Noland Associates.