Now in its 4th year, the Artistry in Concrete Demos at the World of Concrete will again attract large crowds of contractors and design professionals. The many visitors will come to see the creative efforts of decorative concrete artisans and maybe come away with ideas about new trends in the industry. These demos have and will continue to encourage the continued growth of decorative concrete.

This year 12 new contractors will demonstrate their creative abilities. Here's a brief summary of what each will demonstrate:

Dominick Cardone. Concrete Impressionists. Will use stencils to install color-shifting epoxies and metal-leaf designs.

Bill Cooper. CTI of the Desert. Will polish a slab, chemically stain around a stencil medallion, and lightly sandblast a stencil border pattern.

Tim & Kelly Coyle. Coyle Design. Using overlay cement, they will create dimensional leaf patterns on a slab. They will also cast a concrete bench, polish the top, and add decorative effects.

Rick Fischer. Deco Illusions. Will work with both chemical- and water-based stains using stencils.

Bob Lucius. Innovative Concrete Specialists. Will form and construct a cast-in-place concrete countertop.

Hilary McBroom. Rinnovi Concrete. Her work will focus on the use of chemical stains and supplementary coloring techniques.

Mike Miller. The concretist. Working with thin, colored overlay applications on canvas, Mike will recreate Aboriginal artwork. He will also use diamond polishing techniques to expose color from deeper layers of overlay cement.

Ed Moran. Artistic Concrete Designs. Using chemical stains, concrete overlays, engraving, acrylic pigments, and stencils, he will create a parchment map graphic.

Keren Navarro. Twig and Feather Inc. She will sculpt a three-dimensional tree, vines, and leaves.

Todd Seaboch. Concrete Craftsman. Using stencils and overlay cement, he will construct a shower wall.

Tom Schrunk & Tom Lockwood. Lustracon and Concrete Rock Surfaces. Their focus is artistic formliner work. Schrunk will design a pattern that reflects light differently as it strikes from different angles. Lockwood will color the work afterwards. The vertical wall section will be cast with self-consolidating concrete (SCC).

Levi Susoev. River Alloy Designs. Will work with overlay cement and partial polishing techniques.

Six people will work on their demos on Tuesday and six on Wednesday. They will start at 9:00 a.m. and will work until they are finished. On Thursday, you are welcome to see and photograph the finished works. We encourage you to ask questions and share your ideas with the presenters.

The Artistry Demos are made possible by the following sponsoring companies:

  • C-Grid
  • Colormaker
  • Concrete Solutions
  • Flex-C-Ment
  • Increte Systems
  • Miracote
  • Scofield Systems
  • Stardek
  • Specialty Concrete Products
  • Smith's Color Floor
  • Soff-Cut
  • Superstone
  • World Diamond Source.