Many engineers, technicians and executives in the concrete industry are now using only about 20 percent of their reading capacities. Often time the problem is that they are reading word for word. Good readers take in larger visual bites phrases or whole sentences rather than just single words. Another obstacle to fast reading is needing to "hear" the word rather than just seeing it. To combat this, keep saying mumbo-jumbo out loud till it becomes a chant. Then trying reading. If you can't, keep practicing till you can read by only seeing. Another technique which will be very valuable for engineers to acquire is that of "pre-reading." First look at the title, author and date of the book.Next, read thorough the first two or three paragraphs. In the body of the discussion read only the first sentence. Read the summary throughly. Then decide if you want to go back and read the book. Other tips for better reading is to improve your vocabulary. The best way to learn new words is by learning them in context. If you come across a word you don't know, put a check by it and finish the article. Then, go back and look it up. Also, be a critical reader. Determine whether the arguments the author's making are complete and consistent with his supporting data. Finally, pace yourself. Difficult material will take more time. Know your capabilities.