ConExpo-Con/Agg 2011 marks the official entrance of Zoomlion to the North American market, after its successful integration with Cifa USA.

Zoomlion USA is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis. and will manage and support the product range and services. Cifa USA president and CEO Matteo Rolla told Daily News that, at this stage, a limited selection of Zoomlion products will be distributed in the USA, with plans to offer more as demand grows.

On offer initially are Zoomlion’s rough terrain and tower cranes. Also, a number of its crawler cranes will be available – the full Zoomlion range of crawler cranes varies from 55 to 1,764US tons (50-1600tonnes), however only those up to 397US tons (360tonnes) are certified for use in the USA. The company is currently working to certify the rest.

Rolla said that the Zoomlion range of truck cranes currently doesn’t comply with USA road weight distribution rules and will be modified to do so, with plans to release them to the North American market in late 2011 or as demand dictates.