Concrete Surfaces March 2015

Safe at Any Speed; Decorative Concrete Repair; DCC WOW! Award Winner


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Concrete Surfaces Contractor Clinic

Delivered at the beginning of the month, the Concrete Surfaces Contractor Clinic is your briefing on everything happening in the surfaces industry.





  • Creative Material Tech Water Chasing Primer

    No more delaminations or hydrostatic pressure problems with Dyna-Prime Water Chasing Primer N-23. The penetrating primer 100% reactive waterproofing product achieves a vapor barrier and up to 5/8 inch penetration.

  • SikaBit S-60 Self Waterproofing Membrane

    SikaBit S-60 Self Adhering Sheet Waterproofing Membrane is easy to apply to below-grade concrete masonry.

  • Gemite Nano-Gard Sealer

    Nano-Gard 100 clear sealer penetrates concrete slabs and foundation walls to waterproof and protect. It forms hard silicate structures that close pores within concrete, leaving a harder, denser surface.