microtoppings can easily accommodate existing pool features including coping, signage, lids, and drains.

Reducing Slippage When Wet

How to increase the slip resistance of a concrete pool deck.

How to increase the slip resistance of concrete pool decks.





  • Battling Graffiti

    We have a concrete tide gate that was recently hit by graffiti, covering much of the surface. We could paint over it, however, then we...

  • Dealing With Burlap Stains

    One problem with trying to remove this type of stain is that you may find yourself left with a nonuniform appearance--the areas of cleaner...

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    Decorative for Existing Slabs

    I am a California architect and read your article about decorative concrete at the World of Concrete. Are there processes that can be used...




Stamping & Texturing



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