Estimating Materials

Here is how to estimate how much material you will need for an overlay project.



  • Repairing Cracks Before Applying Overlays

    Understanding the types of cracks and their causes will help you choose the best fix for the job.

  • Surface preparation: Obtaining the right profile

    If you don't do a sufficient job of preparing the substrate, all of your painstaking artistry could be a waste of time and effort. I bet that 90% of overlay delaminations and failures are due to inadequate surface preparation.

  • Site Conditions and Installing Decorative Overlays

    Manufacturer specifications for decorative overlays will describe when to install their system based on such factors as exposure conditions, subfloor types, the age and moisture content of the slab, and the condition and profile of the existing substrate.



  • Battling Graffiti

    We have a concrete tide gate that was recently hit by graffiti, covering much of the surface. We could paint over it, however, then we...

  • Dealing With Burlap Stains

    One problem with trying to remove this type of stain is that you may find yourself left with a nonuniform appearance--the areas of cleaner...

  • Image

    Decorative for Existing Slabs

    I am a California architect and read your article about decorative concrete at the World of Concrete. Are there processes that can be used...




Stamping & Texturing



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