When looking for a cost-effective forming solution, Bryan-Ohlmeier Construction Co., Paola, Kan., found the answer with an architectural forming panel.


The forming panels were ideal for repeat use and created a smooth finish that needed very little finishing work.

Pourform-OS created the dramatic curved retaining walls, side forms with spires, and bollards for the Monticello Bridge in Lenexa, Kan. The forming panels were ideal for repeat use and created a smooth finish.

“We obtained six or more pours on the side forms and the repetitive bollards,” says Gabe Pfefferkorn, project engineer. “We have been very happy with the aesthetic results, and with the savings in labor due to the limited remedial work required. There were no wood slivers on the concrete after stripping, so it was easy to clean. We saved significant time by using OS.”

Only minimal grouting was required after stripping the forms, according to Pfefferkorn.

For the architectural features, the forming panels needed to be bent to shape the curve design of the retaining wall. According to Pfefferkorn, no frame was needed when using Pourform-OS. “Because Pourform-OS is an engineered panel, the oriented strands in the substrate gave the form a uniform bend, whereas plyform would bend only at the weakest point,” he says.

“This product offers great results at an affordable price,” states Pfefferkorn. “Pourform-OS definitely produced a better finish than we would have obtained with B-B plyform. It's an economical alternative for jobs requiring special forms that can be used multiple times.”

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