Other stories by Concrete Construction Staff

  • Concrete Pavement Facts

    Historical facts about concrete pavement from the first street in the U.S. that was paved with concrete to the first concrete pavement in the world.

  • Polyethylene Drum Mixer

    A simple tap with a rubber mallet cleans out dried material from the drum in minutes without dents or cracks.

  • Next Generation Mixer Drum

    Drum's spherical shape ensures efficient mixing; benefits include increased capacity and more efficient mixing.

  • Front-discharge Mixer

    Mixer introduces CAN bus technology, which reduces wiring connections and provides real-time diagnostics.

  • Twin-shaft Mixer

    Mixer's features allow for fast discharge and short cycle times.

  • Volumetric Mixer

    Volumetric mixer features a dual-chain material feed system.

  • New Line of Concrete Mixers

    Mixers' features include high-abrasion, welded steel drums.

  • Aggregate Moisture Webinar

    Presentation discusses how aggregate moisture is handled as an industry practice and the technically correct procedures for moisture adjustments.

  • Alternative Fuel Generators

    Alternative fuel choices provide reduced cost and logistics compared with diesel fuel equipment.

  • Mobile Power System

    Compressor-generator provides complete mobile power system.