Other stories by Concrete Construction Staff

  • Scarifier Cutters

    Premium Carbide Flail Scarifier Cutters are available in sizes from 1.65 in. up to 3.25 in. with tungsten carbide tip counts ranging from five to 12.

  • Surface Prep Machine

    Because the machine works as a planer, it acts like hundreds of little scabbler heads jackhammering down the high spots, leaving the surrounding area unaffected.

  • Diamond Scarifier

    The MK Diamond Scarifier offers a variety of grinding heads and cutting wheels engineered to complete any surface preparation project and leave a clean, textured, or rough finish.

  • Product Spotlight: Surface Prep Equipment

    The April 2015 issue of Concrete Construction focused on Surface Prep Equipment.

  • Self-propelled surfacer

    Use this electric surfacer for diamond grinding, leveling concrete floors, cleaning surface marks, grooving trench control joints, removing concrete curls, and asphalt high spots.

  • Floor grinding and polishing machines

    The LAVINA X series includes edgers to self-propelled and remote-controlled propane models.

  • Grinder with dust collection shroud

    Use the CSG15 5-in. surface grinder for concrete grading, surface preparation, cleaning, and other tasks.

  • Surface Grinder

    Grinder is ergonomically designed so the operator can work in an upright position, reducing lower back pain.

  • Sawing and Milling Machine

    By changing the hydraulic motor you can easily swap from milling to sawing. Its stout weight and smooth drive system create more efficient sawing and milling.

  • Hydraulic Scrapper

    The product's compact design makes it ideal for confined spaces with the ability to quickly adjust head torque by using the easy access variable speed control.