Other stories by Tom Klemens

  • Technology Emerges and We Adapt

    The early adopters of any new technology are brave souls. Embracing change, they almost always are blazing new trails with its use. But it's usually the second wave of users who discover innovative ways of deploying a new technology.

  • Looking at the World in a New, Improved Way

    If you have not looked at American Concrete Institute's (ACI) new tolerance standard, you could be missing a good opportunity to begin simplifying how you look at and resolve design and construction issues related to tolerances.

  • Unclogging An Urban Artery

    Urban planning legend Daniel Burnham once said, “Make no little plans.” He would be proud of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), which currently is reconstructing the Dan Ryan Expressway through the heart of Chicago.

  • Reality Check on Measurements

    Tolerances are critical and must be addressed. But like many other things, this issue boils down to communication.

  • Gazing into a Concrete Ball

    Capturing a snapshot of the concrete construction industry that most people would agree is accurate is no small challenge. The industry's inherent complexity combined with ever-changing external forces make coming up with numbers to define the concrete construction industry a nearly impossible...

  • Options for Forming Elevated Slabs

    Formwork is a large part of any cast-in-place concrete job, and projects with elevated slabs require a lot of formwork. Fortunately, selecting the most appropriate system can help minimize formwork costs. To do that, the contractor must understand the different forming systems available today and...

  • Preparation Makes Perfect

    When Miami-based Coastal Construction Group undertook the largest concrete pour in the history of Florida, and perhaps in the Southeastern United States, the company spent two months planning for the 24-hour event.

  • How to Moisture Test Concrete Floors

    Testing concrete slabs for excess moisture has become a common construction requirement, particularly where flooring or impermeable membranes are to be installed on top of the slab. But, while several standard moisture test methods are available, no single test reveals everything that should be...

  • Go Ahead, Take the LEED

    The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program is putting a new spin on marketing in the building design and construction industries. Through its associated Green Building Rating System, claims of environmental responsibility made by designers, builders, and owners can now be...

  • Specifying Concrete for Performance

    Concrete is both marvelously simple and marvelously complex. Mix appropriate amounts of portland cement, aggregates, and water, and you have one of the world's most versatile and durable construction materials. On the other hand, if you vary the proportions or the character of any of the components...