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  • One Airport Square, Ghana

    Integrating architecture and engineering toward a new sustainable language of concrete in the African nation of Ghana.

  • Tekla Field 3D

    Take your constructible information management tools to the field with Tekla Field3D! Connect the site and office digitally through your hand-held device so the entire project can be visualized, reviewed and discussed to reduce time and cost. Field3D works on both iOS and Android and supports most...

  • Tekla Structures

    Tekla software by Trimble improves concrete construction productivity with constructible information management tools. With Tekla, contractors gain unrivalled insight and control to reduce risk. Models with detailed rebar, embeds and formwork are created to eliminate manual material take-off tasks...

  • 3D Model Software

    Accurate 3D Tekla model delivers benefits at every stage of the construction process.

  • Product Spotlight: Technology on the Jobsite

    The June-July issue focused on technology on the jobsite.

  • Ideas and Opinions on Concrete Construction

    The inside scoop on what's going on in the concrete indsutry.

  • Bidding and Estimating Software

    In this day and age, knowing the current technology options can benefit how you do business.