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  • How NOT to Hire the Wrong Person

    You can build a better team by avoiding a few mistakes says Brad Humphrey, president and founder, Pinnacle Development Group. Check out his tips here and learn more at his World of Concrete 2015 seminar.

  • Advice for Hiring

    The companies that have been most proactive and have already streamlined their hiring processes are successfully hiring skilled and experienced candidates.

  • Minimize Bad Hiring by Knowing How to Perform Background Checks

    Knowing the types of background checks and how to use them effectively can help in your hiring process.

  • Upstate NY Company Cements Vow to Vets

    Stampcrete International, Ltd. intends on hiring veterans returning from battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Are You Investing in Your Most Valuable Asset?

    By choosing high quality people and building their capabilities, you will be investing in and enhancing the value of your greatest asset and the value of your company.

  • Avoid the Hiring Pit

    Contractors, both small and large, make poor hiring decisions every day. Falling into the hiring pit is easy to do if you aren't careful. Maybe you're in a hurry to fill a position, or you feel you must grab who you can because the labor market is so tight. We have found that many contractors are...

  • Hiring a Good Shotcrete Nozzleman

    We always have a difficult time hiring good shotcrete nozzlemen. When interviewing nozzlemen, how can we screen those who can shoot well from those who can only talk about shooting?

  • A Hiring Test for Finishers

    Hiring good finishers is key to a concrete contractor's success.