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  • Coating Tilt-Up Concrete Walls

    Procedures for coating concrete surfaces are different from other surfaces, and tilt-up surfaces require special preparation.

  • Painting Concrete

    Although painting concrete is the term most often used, it's not correct. Coating is the proper term for products that provide decoration and protection for exterior concrete walls; sealers or coatings are the products used on floors.

  • How Long A Wait To Paint?

    We placed a concrete slab for an exterior multipurpose game court. How long do we have to wait before painting basketball-court lines?

  • Painting Concrete in Bright Colors

    Where can we get a deeply colored paint for concrete, one that is highly saturated with primary color? We need it for a multiuse building 600 feet tall. The owner wants several bright colors, not the stains, pastels, and earth tones commonly used on concr

  • Painting in and on Concrete

    Concrete is important to Glenn Booth in several ways. The Detroit-born artist combined concrete with rubber, canvas, wood, and other materials to produce his early three-dimensional works of art.

  • Paint Won't Help Rough Driveway

    Our 12-year-old concrete driveway is becoming rough. Can I prevent it from getting rougher by painting it?

  • Preparing Concrete Surfaces for Painting

  • Avoid Painting Driveway

    What is a good paint and painting technique to use on a driveway to overcome persistent problems with oil stains?

  • Painting Concrete

    We have painted the concrete floor in the kitchen of a restaurant we constructed, but the paint has worn off in the traffic areas. Please advise what we should do to this floor to give it a smooth, non-slippery, permanent wearing surface.

  • Painting Masonry

    Manufacturers' instructions for applying plastic paints to masonry always seem to emphasize the need for a dry surface and dry weather. Just how important is this?