More stories about Safety

  • Who Really Cares About Safety?

    In the very issue of Concrete Construction where I asked “Do You Really Care About Safety?” we featured an unsafe practice on the cover. Here are two readers who noticed. Mea culpa!

  • FallTech Specialty Anchors for Building Maintenance

    Quick and easy fall protection solutions for workers performing maintenance and construction work on external surfaces of buildings.

  • Safe Crane Operations

    It's important to look past the regulations and adopt a common sense approach that balances production and safety for crane operators.

  • Backpack Vibrator has Ergonomic Design

    Backpack vibrator has an ergonomic design where the engine weight is supported by the operator’s hips to reduce strain on shoulders and upper back.

  • Ideas and Opinions on the Concrete Industry

    Concrete Construction editor-in-chief Bill Palmer reviews industry events and developments.

  • Do You Really Care About Safety?

    Every year at the World of Concrete and also at the American Society of Concrete Contractors’ annual meeting, safety classes draw the smallest audiences. At the ASCC Concrete Executive Leadership Forum last week I was involved in a discussion on this topic and the question was simple: why?

  • Hyundai Diesel Forklift for Demanding Operations

    Hyundai’s 160D-7E diesel forklift incorporates power and efficiency with durability and safety, a necessary combination for completing any job.

  • New Gravel Gear Gloves Provide Quality and Performance

    Northern Tool + Equipment, a leading supplier of high-quality tools and equipment, has recently expanded its exclusive Gravel Gear product line to include new work gloves.

  • Managing Heat-Related Illness in Construction

    When you are working outside, extreme heat is not only uncomfortable, it can kill. Deaths from heat stroke happen every summer. These illnesses and deaths are preventable.

  • Helmet Suspension

    Fas-Trac III Ratchet Suspension is designed to improve comfort, retention, and stability. It includes an optional sweat-wicking accessory.