More stories about Safety

  • Choosing Safety

    Understanding the rules of safety is the first step towards the implementation of a successful safety and health management plan. But the other important element and the most basic is making a conscious decision to work safe every day.

  • Magid Cut-Resistant Winter Glove Line

    Designed to Help Keep Hardworking Hands Safe, Warm and Comfortable

  • Full-Body Safety Harness from Capital Safety

    All-New, Full-Body Safety Harness Designed and Tested with Third-Party Research Offers Real, Measurable Comfort and Safety for At-Height Workers.

  • Construction Fatalities Rise

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics' Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries released a new report on the rate of fatal work injuries in 2014 and 2013.

  • Is OSHA a Friend or Foe?

    As intrusive, and some would say unnecessary, as OSHA seems, our industry has reaped some benefits.

  • Job Hazard Assessments

    A job hazard assessment is a beneficial exercise to go through on any project, whether the GC asks for it or not.

  • Advantages of Demolition Robots

    These machines look like mini-excavators, but without cabs. They run on tracks, and have hydraulically powered arms to which breakers, crushers, drills, or loader buckets can be attached.

  • Putting New Energy into Safety

    With the advent of larger jobs, more stringent requirements from insurance agencies, and tighter schedules, many companies have had to revisit their long-standing safety practices. Here are some tips for better safety on your jobs.

  • Skullerz head protection from Ergodyne

    Stylish hard hat combines impact-resistance with wide-brim design.

  • OSHA Issues Temporary Enforcement of Confined Spaces Standard

    The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced a 60-day temporary enforcement policy of its Confined Spaces in Construction standard, effective Aug. 3.