Half a century ago, the paving train consisted of a steam operated paver, fed by wheelbarrows from nearby stockpiles of material, and a crowned wooden screed pulled by hand along wooden forms, but the advent of steam power did not completely eliminate the horse from the construction scene. In fact, animal power came into its greatest use during the steam power era aided by the slip, the fresno and wheel scrapers, the dump cart and the wagon. It wasn't until gasoline power moved onto the construction scene in the first quarter of the 20th century that horses and mules began to fade into the background. In 1923, the bulldozer was applied to the crawler tractor, and the power scraper was introduced. Mechanization continued and in the late 1920's, one source listed the following as the most efficient equipment for a road construction job: one plow, two fresnos, a blade grader, a 5 ton crawler tractor, a scarifier, a subgrader, a fine finisher and a roller. Some 46 men were required to operate this "most efficient equipment." Times have indeed changed, haven't they?