What should be done when applying a bond breaker?
  1. Use manufacturer's directions for coverage. If sprayed too lightly, desired curing and bond-breaking results won't be obtained and you'll lose material even in a light breeze. If sprayed too heavily, an unsightly panel finish could result and difficulties could be encountered when the time comes for painting or laying tile on the floor.
  2. Don't spray a bond breaker coat when reinforcing bar is in place or the bond between the bar and concrete could be destroyed.
  3. Be sure to apply the cure coat on the floor slab immediately after troweling. This will help insure a good tight floor slab with more strength and less dusting and shrinkage.
  4. If a broom finish is desired, check with the vendors supplying the bond breaker for the rate of coverage. Broom finishes require more bond breaker due to their greater surface area.
  5. If a dry, hot windy day is encountered it may be necessary to follow up behind the finisher with a fog coat of water. This fills the concrete's pores with water and permits the cure and bond breaker coat to remain on the top of the slab where it should be rather than being sucked into a porous surface.