What is a good paint and painting technique to use on a driveway to overcome persistent problems with oil stains?
It is highly unusual to paint a driveway. The subsequent maintenance would be high and the slip resistant quality of the surface would be lost. It would be better to adopt a maintenance program of removing the stains from the concrete. Stains can be removed by scrubbing with a strong soap solution, detergent or trisodium phosphate. This will remove the free oil. Oil that has penetrated deeply can be removed by making a paste of benzol or other suitable solvent and an inert powdered filler such as hydrated lime, talc, or whiting. Apply the paste to the area and leave in place for 1 hour after all solvent has evaporated. The oils will be brought up into the powder which is then swept and brushed away. Repeat as necessary. Do not use gasoline because it is too highly flammable and dangerous.