Q.: An article appeared on pages 250 and 251 of your March 1983 issue concerning uses for glass fiber reinforced concrete.

The article mentioned that dry premixed glass fiber reinforced materials such as concrete and plaster are available in bags. These could be useful to us in Singapore. Can you provide us with the names and addresses of suppliers?

A.: The March 1983 article referred to materials made by Cem-Fil, located at the following two addresses:

Cem-Fil Corporation 120 Spence Lane Nashville, Tennessee 37210 Phone: 615-883-7563 Telex: 55-5120 em-Fil Marketing Department

Fibreglass Limited rescot Road St. Helens Merseyside WA10 3TT England Phone: (0744) 24022 Telex: 627441 PBSTHG

Another well known source is:

W. R. Bonsal Company Box 241148 Charlotte, North Carolina 28224 Phone: 704-525-1621