We are interested in building a sidewalk with exposed aggregate concrete that for architectural purposes matches the brick face of a building. Can the same brick used in the building be crushed and used as the exposed aggregate
This would probably be a questionable procedure with most brick. Pavements and sidewalks have long suffered from popouts when porous and absorptive aggregate particles such as chert occur near the surface. Since most crushed brick would very likely be more absorptive than most good concrete aggregates it seems likely that popouts would be a continuing problem. It is possible that the surface of such a concrete could be protected by linseed oil treatments applied every year, but this procedure would darken the color of the surface somewhat. The first coat of linseed oil should be diluted with an equal part of mineral spirits and the second coat applied full strength. It should go without saying that the concrete must have an adequate air content for resistance to freezing and thawing.