What is the difference between the two books on the American Concrete Institute Building Code: "Notes on AC/ 318-71: Building Code Requirements with Design Applications" and "Design Handbook in Accordance with the Strength Design Method of AC1-318-71, Volume l"?
The first is a sophisticated inquiry into the implications and logical inferences of the Code provisions. It grew out of the effort of Portland Cement Association engineers to try to explain the Code to one another. It is far more than a commentary and is really a design text which tells the designer how to use the Code. The price is $8.25. The Handbook was prepared by the American Concrete Institute for the purpose of helping to make design work easy. It contains a large number of tables, gives shortcut methods for design and is meant for use by anyone involved in design. The price is $16 (though ACI members can buy it from ACI Headquarters for $12.50). The two books complement rather than compete with each other. Both are available from Concrete Construction publications at the standard prices ($8.25 or $16, respectively).