Is there any good rigid mechanical coupling for attaching brick on concrete buildings?

We are aware of the dangers from expansion of cladding, shrinkage of the frame, settling of walls and wind suction. What we would like is a method that avoids casting sockets or premolded pockets in concrete beams?

There is a new British self-adjusting device made of 0.1-inch stainless steel shaped as shown here. In a typical installation in a two-wythe wall (see diagram).

The device is bolted during construction to the face o the concrete beam, using expanding or shot-fin bolts.

The upright portion of the device rides on an Coors embedded in the mortar joints.

This makes positive, self-adjusting link between the cladding al the concrete structure to ensure maximum strenc and safety under all kinds of differential stress.

The anchors are also made in shapes and siz slightly modified from the illustrations here, so that designs are available for use in singie-wythe or doublewythe walls and for anchorage to either the bottom or the end of the beam. As far as we know they are not at present available in the United States but they may be obtained from George Clark (Sheffield) Ltd. (Mr. Phinn, Divisional Manager), Warren Street, Sheffield S4 7WR, England. Telephone: Sheffield 78914. Telex: 54131.