Q: What can we do to eliminate the effects dog waste products have on the concrete floors of our kennels?

A: The most common effect of animal waste on concrete is that it wicks into the pore system of the concrete and allows bacteria to grow. The smell in a dog kennel results from this bacterial growth. Solids are easier to remove from the surface, and therefore are less of a problem than urine, which is more readily absorbed by the concrete.To address the problem, you can try applying a product called StableCrete concrete sealer from Conselcor, Indian Harbour Beach, Fla., after washing the floor. When it’s absorbed into the concrete, this product reacts with alkali and free lime to form a solid material that creates a waterproof barrier and prevents contamination.If the concrete slab is deeply contaminated, there may be a material on the surface. This material likely consists of contaminants that were forced out to the concrete surface as the solid formed. If it occurs, a second wash and reapplication will remedy the situation.