Question: What effect, if any, do dog feces and urine have on finished concrete?

Answer: The single most common effect of all animal waste on concrete is that it will wick into the gel pore system of the concrete and allow bacteria to grow. Solids that can be removed easily from the surface are not as bad as urine, which is more readily absorbed into the concrete.

The smell in a dog kennel, for example, is due to the bacteria growth. A product called Stable-Crete can be applied after a thorough wash. It absorbs into the concrete and reacts with alkali and free lime to form a solid inside the concrete. That prevents any further contamination and creates a waterproof barrier.

If the contamination of a concrete slab is severe and deep, you may notice a material on the surface after such an application. That, more than likely, is the accumulation of contaminants that were forced out of the concrete to the surface as the solid formed. A second wash and reapplication is needed in this case. Visit for more information.

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