A flattened, airplane shaped chute is helping South Dakota solve some of its soil conservation problems. The reinforced concrete chute has an overall size of 15 feet by 78 feet. The chute drops the elevation of runoff water to prevent soil erosion. The anti-vortex action of the stilling blocks at the bottom of the chute reduces turbulence and channels water in to an existing creek. After excavation was completed, outside forms of 2 by 6's were then placed by measuring form the center line. Two inch slump, air entrained concrete was placed 2 to 3 inches high on the high side of the wing walls, and when the vibratory screed was moved in, the concrete slumped into place and was struck true. Immediately after a section was struck off, prebuilt forms were set on the floor of the chute and the chute and floor blocks were placed. One row of pipe screeds was set at center in the bottom, and served as a track to guide the screed rig true. One more row of pipe screeds was placed near the top of each wing wall and held the screed rig to finish grade. Concrete was placed carefully, overfilling the upper half of the wing walls and leaving the lower half shy. Concrete was rough struck to approximate grade on the floor.