For finishing flatwork you should be using the following equipment: a power finishing equipment wherever it is practicable, a rigid straightedge, magnesium or aluminum floats, especially on air-entrained concrete and a broom with extremely stiff bristles for finishing a nonslip surface. The stiffer the bristles, the deeper will be the ridges produced in the concrete surface. Guidelines regarding procedures are: (1)make sure the subgrade has been dampened before concrete is placed, because a dry subgrade absorbs water from the slab and might result in premature stiffening. (2) Use an initial admixture for concrete slabs that will be placed during hot weather. (3) Remember that the various finishing operations must be commenced sooner when using air-entrained concrete because of the reduced amount of bleeding.(4) Delay floating until the excess moisture on the slab surface has disappeared. (5) Don't apply special aggregate shakes to a floor surface until after floating has been accomplished. (6) When applying special shakes, lean low ever the slab and allow the shake material to sift between the fingers- don't broadcast it over the surface while standing up. (7) For a nonslip surface, use a broom finish or some other roughening procedure. (8) One of the most important considerations in floor finishing is to avoid drawing excess fine material to the slab surface. (9) Don't allow a cement dust coat to be applied to a floor surface.