Question: Is there any patching material for concrete floors that could be used in areas subject to spillage of molten aluminum?

The epoxies burn, the hydraulic cements blow up, and we are at a loss as to what to recommend. Can you or any of your readers give us any assistance?

Answer: You should consider the use of high alumina (calcium aluminate) cement concrete. When calcium aluminate cements are mixed with suitable aggregates they produce refractory concrete that can be used at temperatures sometimes in excess of 3500 degrees F. Such materials are often used as heat-resistant linings for power plant stacks, steel furnaces, and petrochemical heaters.We cannot give you specific advice on how to use this kind of concrete, but would suggest that you contact one or both of the following:

Lone Star Lafarge Inc.

18 Koger Executive Center, Suite 220

Norfolk, Virginia 23502

Lehigh Portland Cement Company

718 Hamilton Mall

Allentown, Pennsylvania 18105