Jack Josephsen is very smart. The former chemical engineer used everything he learned working as a small-firm consultant to build his brand as an epoxy formulator whose expertise is accessible everywhere. Whether you’re a contractor who wants to drum up more business or someone who’s developed an epoxy product, Josephsen can help.

Fortunately, he knows what he’s talking about.

In addition to selling three products via his 15-year-old company, Josephsen filled the void in reliable, credible product information by launching Epoxy School. The website is an educational platform to which anyone, a novice or an experienced contractor, can refer to improve their craft.

The formulator of ArtEpox, Jaxxon, and Scubapox also released three videos that explain how to cost-effectively market a proprietary product.

I learned about Josephsen from my boss, Concrete Construction Editor Bill Palmer (who also knows a thing or two about epoxy). He forwarded a LinkedIn discussion (“Epoxy troubleshooting: bubbles, pinholes, and craters) and suggested I introduce Concrete Surfaces readers to the Epoxy School.

“It’s really well done and this guy’s articles are great,” he said.

I agree. Enjoy!

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