The Bissell Point Waste Water Treatment Plant, St. Loius, completed in the fall of 1990, is helping the city's sewer district meet strict EPA water purification requirements. The new plant has three sludge pump buildings, each surrounded by four cast-in-place concrete clarifier tanks. General contractors McCarthy Bros. Construction Co. had to complete the pump buildings and the twelve 150-foot-diameter tanks in just 19 months. This allowed McCarthy less than a month to pour each tank. McCarthy used special crane-set gang forms made of steel radius beams, aluminum beams, and plywood. Using enough forms for one and one-half tanks allowed reuse of the forms for all 12 tanks without causing delays in form setup and stripping.

McCarthy's crew of 130 workers placed an average of 250 cubic yards of concrete a day. Depending on the size of the pour, McCarthy placed concrete by crane and bucket or pump and boom. Pumps primarily were used for the large tank slab pours. Because of the tight construction schedule, work had to continue through the winter. On cold days, aggregate and mixing water were heated to bring concrete to specified placing temperatures. To prevent the freshly placed concrete from freezing while it cured, workers used butane heaters and insulated blankets.