I. Thou shalt insist upon a mock-up panel and pre-job conference so thy expectations may be reconciled with reality.

II. Thou shalt work thy concrete only after bleedwater is gone.

III. Thou shalt honor thy ACI standards on control joints and expansion joints and construction joints.

IV. Thou shalt stop working thy concrete before trowel burns occur.

V. Thou shalt keep extra water from entering thy architectural concrete after batching.

VI. Thou shalt cure thy concrete properly, completely.

VII. Thou shalt not apply anything weird to thy architectural concrete without first asking the manufacturer about compatibility.

VIII. Thou shalt protect thy architectural concrete from roofers and painters and jobsite conditions.

IX. Thou shalt patch thy architectural concrete with planning and precision and perform a patch on the sample panels and write down what was used.

X. Thou shalt not try to make silk purses from sows' ears.