Do you get frustrated by other trades complaining about your work when you provided exactly what you were asked to provide? Isn’t it also frustrating to get a specification that lays out requirements that you know are unnecessary and are adding undue expense to a project? This is the issue we are going to explore at the Concrete Polishing Luncheon and Forum on Tuesday, February 2 during the 2016 World of Concrete.

This year we have teamed up with the Concrete Polishing Association of America to help concrete floor contractors and concrete polishing contractors get on the same page. This issue first came up during the ASCC Technical Committee meeting in Dallas in September. Concrete placement and finishing contractors are often asked to provide an FF 50/FL 35 for a floor that will be polished—but is levelness important for a polished floor?

Chad Gill, current CPAA president and a polishing contractor, says that the owner or architect use the specifications to convey what they want the floor to look and feel like, but each passing of the information is like a game of whisper where without knowing the whole story the desire is changed a little at each step.

Rather than trying to assess blame, a better approach would be if everyone understood what should be specified to result in the best possible finished floor. At this forum an architect, concrete contractor, ready-mix producer, and concrete polishing contractor will attempt to find common ground. If you want to participate, you can learn more about this and other WOC events and register by clicking here.