Some hints for cold weather concreting: one, more cement in the mix will keep strengths up during cold weather. Two, try to arrange with the architect or engineer for monolithic floor finishes to be placed after the structure has been enclosed. Putting a protective covering on would tend to mar the finish. Three, if floors must be placed before a multi-story structure can be enclosed, support canvas a little above the floor. Then leave holes in the slab to allow heat from below to rise though them and warm the top of the floor slab. Four, the easiest way to cure cast- in-place outer walls is to leave the forms in place and heat the interior. Five, if the construction site is remote, remember to make provisions for drainage, clearing access roads, services, lot layouts, tions, water supply, land clearing, material storage and housing. Six, avoid having steel projection through the forms. Tests have shown that if as little as 1 2/3% of an area is composed of projecting reinforcement, there is a resulting heat loss over this area of about 35%. And seven, keep forms as dry as possible. Wet forms are much less effective insulation than dry ones.