When Whiteman Industries, a division of Multiquip Inc., Carson, Calif., built a new 134,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Boise, Idaho, in 1998, it hired Concrete Northwest of Idaho to do all the concrete work. Whiteman also gave CNI a unique opportunity: the chance to test drive the latest Whiteman line of placing and finishing equipment.

Using the new WRS 5200 Super Screed for concrete strike-off and the 10-foot-wide STH and 8-foot-wide HTH hydrostatic trowels for pan floating and finishing, CNI produced average floor flatness and levelness numbers of FF 88.6/FL 76.1 for the facility's 114,000-square-foot warehouse slab. Individual placements exhibited FF numbers as high as 97 and FL numbers as high as 83.5. The self-propelled screed and ride-on power trowels were the only equipment used on the six-day pour.