Cast-in-place concrete was used almost exclusively as the building material for rental duplexes in a new apartment project in Raytown, Missouri. Named Homestead Creek, the 6 building 12 unit complex reveals the many sales opportunities opening up for cast-in-place concrete in low rise multifamily residential construction. The cast-in-place concrete floors, walls, and roof of the Homestead Creek duplexes provide solid, firesafe, sound controlled, energy-saving dwellings that are relatively inexpensive to own or rent. Each 3 bedroom unit contains 1500 square feet of living space. The walls, textured by prefabricated forms and painted, provide at attractive exterior and interior with minimum maintenance. The key to the first-cost economy of the building system for this project is in the use of ready mixed concrete and prefabricated, textured forms that produce solid walls complete with an exterior and/or interior finish in a single construction step. The 6 and one-half inch thick exterior walls at Homestead Creek were given a brick, vertical rib or board and batten appearance. Some interior walls were also textured by the forms and then painted with latex paint in such natural colors as moss green. The Homestead Creek project has encouraged the developer to go on planning and building similar projects of low-rise residential buildings. Builders and developers who plan to enter this market will be attracted by the low initial cost and low operating expenses that can result from concrete construction.