The American Shotcrete Association (ASA) recently released a new compilation of papers focusing on shotcrete's use in the repair and rehabilitation of infrastructure. The 34-page black and white soft cover book, "Infrastructure Repair & Rehabilitation Using Shotcrete," is a compilation of eight previously published papers in ASA's Shotcrete magazine.

"Shotcrete is an outstanding repair option, and with the recent emphasis on national infrastructure rehabilitation, this compilation provides a number of real life examples", said Chris Zynda, ASA president. "This document can serve as an important first step for anyone interested in learning about the cost-savings and versatility benefits of shotcrete".

The document was originally created for distribution at the recent "International Bridge Conference" held in Pittsburgh,Pa. Positive response to the compilation has moved ASA to make the document available to the entire concrete industry.

Copies of the compilation are available for a special price of $9.00 US. Pricing includes shipping. To place an order, visit or call 248-848-3780.