Precast concrete wall and fence products possess the versatility to function across a wide range of applications including commercial screening walls, highway sound barriers, retaining walls, residential perimeters, utility security walls, and more. Their strength (5,000 psi or higher), durability, attractiveness, and zero maintenance make precast products an excellent choice over wood, brick, and stone, which they're molded to simulate, and also over poured concrete.

Perhaps the most compelling basis for choosing precast concrete barriers is their capability to be installed across any landscape and under diverse environmental conditions. The substantial project Artisan Precast recently completed for a bottling company clearly demonstrates this capability. Artisan was contracted in April 2008 to provide a privacy wall for the bottling company's Nevada location.

According to Chris Miller, Artisan Precast's senior vice president, the obstacles his crews overcame during the Nevada project were difficult. First, soil qualities and rocks in the area presented challenges for the installation equipment. Second, city codes and regulations required solutions to prevent soil erosion around the barrier. Finally, frequent elevation changes on the site called for constant product stepping to create a long-lasting finished wall with an attractive line.