We created this 2-inch thick, 54 x 44 inch table for a fine beach house in Oxnard. The table was cast in three pieces- the top and two side legs. We built a mold from plywood, with a rubberchipped stone edge form and then poured the mix in and vibrated it to consolidate the concrete. It was hand-seeded across the top with all-sided mirror, numerous seashells, some clear recycled glass, mother of pearl and lots of abalone shell. The legs are epoxied into the table top with dowels, and Scott designed it so that the molds incorporated recessed channels to hold the glass. The table was polished to 800 grit and sealed with a medium sheen stone enhancing sealer.

It is absolutely magical the way that the color changes as you move around the piece. As the light reflects on the abalone it changes from magenta to blue to green.