People are talking about pervious concrete and how it can help meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations to manage storm water runoff and federal clean water legislation all the while providing efficient land use through eliminating the need for retention ponds and swales.

Pervious concrete has little or no sand content, so the cement paste forms a coating around the aggregates to bond them together, leaving permeable and interconnected voids to allow water to pass through. Although pervious, permeable, or no-fines concrete appeared as early as 1852, it is experiencing a renaissance. In addition to paving uses, pervious is useful for infill panels in high-rise buildings, patios, swimming pool decks, tree grates, foundations/floors, greenhouses, and zoos. It is an effective noise barrier for sound walls and an excellent slope stabilization material.

At a glimpse, this PCA pervious concrete illustration demonstrates its benefits.
At a glimpse, this PCA pervious concrete illustration demonstrates its benefits.

Information is available on CDs (Windows only) and in small book format. Together, the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) and the Portland Cement Association (PCA) developed three subject areas: pervious concrete pavements, pervious concrete-LEED, and hydrological design and resources. The NRMCA has also published booklets on freeze/ thaw resistance and contractor certification.

Pervious Concrete: Hydrological Design and Resources (CD-ROM): An important pervious concrete reference tool filled with technical and promotional resources, including Pervious Concrete Pavements, an excellent reference that covers pervious applications and engineering properties, environmental benefits, structural properties, and durability. The CD also includes an analysis tool on hydrological design, based on the Pervious Concrete Hydrological Analysis Program, which illustrates the behavior of pervious concrete systems in relatively simple situations. The price is $25 each, $15 each in quantities of five or more.

Pervious Concrete at the LEED-certified East Atlanta Library (Mini-CD-ROM): This mini-CD provides a compelling computer-animated case study on the design and building of the LEED-certified East Atlanta Library. The building includes an innovative stormwater system of a light-colored pervious concrete parking lot eliminating polluted stormwater runoff and contributing to cooler building systems. It is a useful promotional tool for pervious concrete. Price: $5.

Pervious Concrete Pavement: Pervious concrete as a paving material has generated tremendous interest due to its ability to allow water to flow through the pavement to recharge groundwater and minimize stormwater runoff.

This introduction to pervious concrete pavements reviews its applications and engineering properties, including environmental benefits, structural properties, and durability. Both hydraulic and structural designs of pervious concrete pavements are discussed, as well as construction techniques. Price: $15.

Pervious Concrete Contractor Certification: This text reference serves as the content for the NRMCA Pervious Contractor Certification program. It includes information on what the concrete craftsman needs to know about pervious concrete, pervious concrete mixtures and production, tools and equipment, general design principles, pervious concrete construction, and maintenance and troubleshooting. Price: $50.

Freeze/Thaw Resistance of Pervious Concrete: Based on the current state of understanding, this report provides recommendations on how to create pervious concrete pavements with good performance under different freeze/thaw conditions. It also includes a list of pervious concrete field projects exposed to different freeze/thaw conditions with a short summary of each. Members, $15; Non-members $60.

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