Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment has introduced the CombiForm screed rail system, offering customers a total solution for surface leveling applications. The lightweight, leave-in-place screed rail system guides beams and screeds allowing operators to save time, labor, and transport costs compared to traditional methods. The CombiForm assists in the leveling process after the concrete has been vibrated.

Utilized for most types of concrete floors in industrial, housing and office building applications, the CombiForm is cast into the concrete, providing operators with an efficient leveling solution. It saves time and labor with easy set up and does not require the concrete to be pre-leveled before screeding. The screed rail system is made of metal with a plastic strip on the top, which allows the beam to run smoothly, resulting in faster and more accurate floor screeding.

Suitable for all beddings with the ability to be assembled immediately prior to concreting, assembly is as easy as connecting sections of the CombiForm to create the span and leveling them with adjusting screws. Once the rails are set in place, the operator can pull the screed on top of them to achieve a flat and level floor. The plastic strip on the top controls crack formation, creating an expansion joint that can eliminate the need to use a floor saw. In addition, it also provides stronger floor joints.

“Chicago Pneumatic is fully committed to providing real job solutions to help our customers be more efficient out on the jobsite,” said Philippe Livernette, Concrete Product Line Manager for Chicago Pneumatic. “Concrete can be a tricky operation and take a lot of time to do right, which is why we have created for our customers a total solution for surface vibration applications. The CombiForm will not only speed up productivity, but will also make sure the job is done right the first time, every time.”

CombiForm is offered in a variety of profile sizes, including the C25 (25 mm), C45 (45 mm), C65 to C125 (65 to 125 mm), and their biggest screed rail system with the C145 (145 mm). The C25 can be utilized to make a new concrete surface layer on top of an old one, while the C45 is for standard floors; C65 to C125 is for standard housing applications and light industrial floors, and the C145 is for industrial and heavy duty floors.

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