Shortages crises of one kind and another can make one feel like climbing a wall, and the British have solved the problem of what to do for a wall in case there's no gasoline for going to the mountains to indulge the cliff hanging urge. The exterior of their new sports center building at Sale, Cheshire, provides what is probably the first full scale concrete climbing wall. Literally patterned on a Derbyshire cliff face, the wall provides a climbing facility for both the experienced and the would-be mountaineer and in addition gives an attractive sculptured finish to the exterior of the sports center building. Grist one aggregate was incorporated in the concrete mix. Experimented climbers would naturally expect this to have the rough texture of the same stone found in natural conditions. The texture, however, is actually somewhat smoother. In the course of time it will be scarred to a rough texture by countless metal crampons. Altogether, the rocky wall is 32 and one-half feet high and 82 feet long. It starts from the first floor level of the sports center and rises through the three upper floors. At roof level the structure is surmounted by a rail carrying a system of pulleys provided for top ropes, an essential safety measure for beginners.