A new idea in steel and form design now makes it possible to support over 300 tons of forms and concrete high in the air without falsework. The load is carried on completed work. The load is carried on completed work. The special forms are now being used by Johnson-Kiewit, joint ventures on the 6 million dollar sub-structure contract for the new 4 lane high level bridge being constructed for the Berkshire section of the New York State Throughway. To form the columns, which range in height to 135 feet, the contractor is using 320 lineal feet of 8 foot diameter steel column forms. These forms are fabricated in 5 foot lengths by 180 degree segments. Pouring 20 foot lifts, the contractor has sufficient forms to keep four sites of 8 foot piers working all the time. There are 40 lineal feet of 14 and one-half foot circular forms for river piers and 20 feet off 14 foot forms for anchor piers. With some 7,000 lineal feet of columns to pour the column "cans" will receive nearly 20 re-uses. In the two units which form a third of the column's surface, bearing blocks are two integral parts of the form. The two blocks protrude 3 inches into the concrete when the pour is made. Anchor bolts 1 and one-half inches in diameter are inserted through the blocks before they pour for additional support. The bearing blocks, which are left in place with the form panels to which they are attached whent the strut pour is made, transmit the vertical shear to the columns. The anchor bolts absorb the resulting horizonatl thrust.