Concrete Bridge Structure On I-215
Location: Salt Lake City
Contractor: Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Co. Inc., Draper, Utah

This decorative project was a design/build, cast-in-place concrete bridge structure that measured more than 70 feet wide, with a 150-foot span. The surface of the bridge's abutments were decorated with 2- and 3-inch concrete murals that represent the mountain background of the Wasatch Front.

The bridge abutment wall aesthetic package includes full-height sculpted murals with mountain themes that provide a context tie-in with the Olympus Cove backdrop and surrounding environment. Some of the features and designs in the concrete include pine trees, boulders, cliffs, clouds, and wildlife.

After the work was designed, it was transferred to foam molds of different thicknesses to allow shadowing, dimension, and depth. The molds were attached to the forms and cast monolithically with the abutments of the structure.

When the forms are removed, the impressions then were sandblasted and ground to provide additional detail to the decorative concrete.