Some precaution tips related to shoring and formwork are for one, remember that a shoring failure on above-grade concrete work can be the cause of loss of life and reputation. Therefore it is important to use the manufacture's recommended safe working loads consistent with the type of shoring frame and the height from supporting sill to formwork. Use lumber stresses as shown on the layout and are consistent with age, type, and condition of the available lumber to be used. And always design formwork with the full data on hand of the pressure and other stresses that will be placed on it. Some procedural guidelines are: always apply limewater or whitewash to new forms that have excessive tanin still in surface. Also, when using special form liners for decorative finishes, make test panels to perfect finish specified. Use adjustment screws on shoring to level-off, to accurately position the falsework, and for easy stripping. Don't exceed the shore frame spacings or tower heights as shown on the shoring layout. And always take time for proper cleaning and storage.