Buddy Rhoades is a hands-on type of a teacher.
Christopher Hirsheimer Buddy Rhoades is a hands-on type of a teacher.

As the residential market continues to boom, demand for concrete countertop installations also increases—whether it's an indoor kitchen replacement or a backyard patio project. Having the tools and knowledge to create beautiful and unique surfaces will give you an edge over the competition.

Building Concrete Countertops with Buddy Rhodes training DVD and Making Concrete Countertops with Buddy Rhodes book will get you well on your way to creating innovative and distinctive countertops. With 20 years of experience, Rhodes shares his overall process and specialized techniques in everything from various countertop construction methods, mold making, incorporating templates, installation, sealing, and waxing.

The 80-minute instructional video takes you through each step of the building and installing process of a concrete countertop—both precast and cast-in-place. Using Buddy Rhodes' techniques, try your hand at pressing a signature-veined pattern or gain expertise on using unique mixes.

Then Buddy Rhodes' trainer Rich Rhoades will walk you through fabricating a hard-trowel countertop, making a mold, creating a sink knockout, or polishing a de-molded project. Learn from in-house technical specialist Matthew Mondini how to template, install, seal, and wax.

The DVD serves as an introductory lesson for anyone trying to build a countertop for the first time or as a backup training workshop. Price: $39.95, plus shipping in the U.S.

Making Concrete Countertops with Buddy Rhodes is a step-by-step guide that reveals time-tested techniques in precise detail. With color photographs and accompanying text, walk through the multi-part processes in decorative work, including Rhodes' signature veined finish.

The manual is a perfect guide for any craftsmen—experienced or just beginning. Use it as catalog of options for clients or as an inspiration for new ideas. The more than 60 color images will certainly get your creative juices flowing. Price: $39.95, plus shipping in the U.S.

For more information and to order both of these items, visit www.buddyrhodes.com.