The increasing popularity of golf in this country could be big boost for the concrete paving industry. This is because many new golf courses are installing paved pathways for golf carts. To allow concrete contractors to take advantage of this market, a company recently developed a narrow-width slipform paver that reportedly reduces labor costs for concrete path installation by as much as 80 percent. Because of this cost reduction, contractors who use the paver can lower their bids and be more competitive with asphalt contractors. The paver also speeds up path installation. Depending on the slump of the concrete mixture used and the condition of the paving site, the machine can place 10 yards of concrete in less than 3 minutes, or up to 3,500 lineal feet per day.

The paver, a drag-type slipform machine, attaches to the rear of the ready mix truck with two chains and is pulled behind the truck. By positioning the ready mix truck's delivery chute over the paver hopper, the truck driver can dump concrete into the hopper while pulling the paver. Concrete flows out from the hopper through and out the back of the paver's integral screed. At a 3.5-inch slump, the concrete can be placed as fast as the ready mix truck can dump its load. Because the screed places a smooth, clean-edge path it eliminates the need for formwork. It also reduces manual finishing.